a zine & print collection curated by Kate Wadkins.

BRAIN WAVES is located at RAC | RECESSION ART CULTURE FIX. Grand opening June 8, 2012.

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  1. habitsofbeing:

    One afternoon, while drinking coffee together in my living room & discussing a reading I had gave, a dear friend suggested I start an audio zine. My initial (& internal) response to this idea was very negative, but my response to my response (in the name of working hard every day to be better & stronger & to obliterate the boundaries of comfort) was to start this project as soon as possible.

    in 2011 I wrote the first issue of “Habits of Being”, an oral history and creative nonfiction zine. It contains interviews with the residents of the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home (SuBAMUH), a women’s intentional community in Amesville, Ohio. It also contains my own stories.

    “The Way We Live Through This” is an extension of what was done in that first issue, weaving these womyn’s voices with my own & with music by the Calliope Feminist Choir, Cara Beth Satalino, Waxahatchee, Radiator Hospital & others.

    Because, who better to tell our stories than ourselves?

  2. "The Way We Live Through This" - Habits of Being
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    A great idea, a great project, a great writer.
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